We travel to record on location this week at The Wood Stove House, home of Jason Mundok. Jason is a musician who is constantly looking to take his musical experiences to new levels. This drive brought him to open up his home to host house concerts here in Lancaster.

Calling his home The Wood Stove House, after the prominent wood stove that sits on the stage area, Jason looks to bring artists from the local community and abroad to a intimate audience of about thirty. The Wood Stove House will be entering its second concert season this fall.

Wanting to bring his love for the arts to even more people and realizing the talent that was passing through his home, Jason turned to an outlet that he already had a love for, podcasting. Recording in his already established home studio, Around The Wood Stove was born. Sporting a very well polished production style reminiscent of NPR, Jason interviews musicians and artists about how they got started and the perils of their art.

Support for this episode of The Lancast has been provided by Lancaster County Art Association. We are proud to be supporting Team Sarcoma: Keepin’ it Kevin, a local initiative aiming to raise awareness for Sarcoma Cancers and to build funds to support the Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative.

Theme music: Invisible Walls by Revolution Void
Break music: Good Coffee Blues by Jason Mundok. Used by permission of the artist.