Lancaster city resident Russell Frost, a commercial photographer and marketing professional (through Frost Imaging), tells us how he and his family decided to move from Florida to Lancaster eight years ago, how he established his business here, and what a few of his key aspirations are.

One of his aspirations is to help other Americans warm up to hybrid vehicles, a goal he pursues through his podcast What Drives Us and a website for the Prius Owners Group. Another of his aspirations is to help give alternative arts a big boost in Lancaster, and Creative Works of Lancaster is how he pursues that one.

Russel tells us about his adventure last year doing the Prius Drive Thru, during which he drove across the country in a brand-new Toyota Prius visiting national parks, taking photographs, and blogging the experience.

And, if you’re a photographer interested in learning from Russell (hint: you should be), he’s sharing much of his knowledge through The Aperture Collective.

Support for this episode of The Lancast has been provided by Lancaster County Art Association.

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