The Ouro Bros

When you consistently work on a creative outlet you no doubt learn some things along the way. Growth and change is more than just inevitable, it’s sought after.  That’s why after nearly three years of creating The Ouro Bros and the Never Ending Tour we thought it would be prudent to check in with its creators Jeff Burkholder and Jeremy Bentley.  Three years is a long time to be continually creating a story and we spend a fair amount of time learning about how this duo has embraced growth both in the comic and in their story telling abilities. Of course with all this learning about where they’ve come from we can’t help but ask the boys to give us a glimpse into where they are going. This is where things get exciting! The duo has launched a Kickstarter Campaign to bring about their first printed book collection of The Ouro Bros and the Never Ending Tour. It’s great to hear how passionate they are about making this book a reality and we’d like to encourage you to go check out the campaign page for more information.

Learn More About The Ouro Bros and the Never Ending Tour:Read The Comic
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UPDATE: The Kickstarter Campaign has been a huge success finding it’s funding in just 4 hours! But the boys would like you to know that if you were considering donating this is still a great way to pre-order the book and get some added perks in the process.

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