Jeremy Bentley and Jeff Burkholder are the creative minds behind the web comic The Ouro Bros. & The Never Ending Tour. For those of you who remember, Jeff has been on the show before talking about his other web comic Zoidland. This time around, Jeff takes a back seat in the art department and focuses on writing. Jeremy is left to deliver the comical drawing of Stan and Balthazar. These two goofy musicians are on a never-ending tour, exploring the country one gig at a time.

Jeremy explains that he came to the idea of doing a web comic after exploring the option of short animated web films. Realizing how much better a use of time and resources it was to convey a story using still images; it really wasn’t hard to see comics were the way to go. Jeff also tells us about how he goes through his creative process of writing the script, explaining that due to his lack of experience in touring with a band, he is heavily influenced by stories Jeremy tells him.

During this episode we talk often about Ken Mueller.

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