Well, 2010 is finally here and what better way to greet it than with everybody’s favorite segments. Speaking of our segments, we’d like to add some new ones to our repertoire. If you have any suggestions for funny things for us to talk about each week please leave them in the comments below.

If you’re new to The Lancast, “The Journey Continues” is the name we give our mid-week mini-episodes. On Mondays we release main episodes, featuring a guest, that last 30 minutes. On Thursdays we release a supplementary 15-minute episode that’s just David and Daniel being a lot more laid back.

The Bits

Aim ‘N Flame

  • New Years resolutions pooh-poohers (Daniel)
  • Double-posting (David)

Do What You Do

  • Make Daniel look at stuff on iPhone (David)
  • Only watch movies in spurts (Daniel)

Get Rich Quick Scheme of the Week

  • Audio mushy greetings (David)
  • Pay to opt out of hearing my latest crazy idea (Daniel)


“I get so bored the minute someone says, ‘Here, look at this.'” – Daniel

“It’s not Y2K anymore. It’s Y2KX.”  – David

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