Justin Jones has been drawing from little on up, so it should come as no surprise that he’s decided to make a career of it. Justin is an illustrator and portrait artist who uses a variety of mediums to produce his work. Growing up, he would create all sorts of things straight from his imagination to the paper. Now days, he feels that working from reference material is the way to go to ensure quality and accuracy. A PCA&D graduate, Justin has been commissioned for several pet portraits.

In addition to his life-like portraiture and colorful and creative illustration, Justin also hand crafts what he calls paper dolls and bears. It started from an attempt at making a diorama back in high school. From there, he got the idea to make a three-dimensional figure that could stand on its own. Over the years, he’s perfected his design, and he’s gotten it down to a science at this point. Now, Justin builds his paper dolls in Adobe Illustrator and has a lot of fun creating custom dolls for individuals or characters. He mentioned making paper doll replicas of the staff of the popular Dispensing Company down town. His favorite collection to-date, however, are the dolls he made of the Street Fighter 2 characters. These, and many other examples of his work, can be viewed on his website, www.jjonesillustration.com.

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