Matt and Carol Frigm are band mates who also just happen to be married and totally in love. Though it may not have always been candy hearts and roses, what started off as a good business relationship later progressed into a solid friendship which eventually budded into romance. Now, 24 years later, their life and music is still in harmony. After a ten year hiatus, the two decided to take up music again, and formed SweetLife.

The writing process for Matt and Carol can depend a lot on the song. Matt and Keith discuss how writing a song is a lot like discovering a child. The song has it’s own personality, it’s own vibe, it’s own flavor. You can try to steer it in a certain direction, but you must respect it as a gift. The Frigms try to work their life experiences into the lyrics of the songs and bring out the personal meaning in such a way that it resonates with the listener. They hope to encourage people that a happy marriage is an attainable thing that can and should be experienced.

We got to hear two of Matt and Carol’s songs for the show, “Perfect Summer Day” and a live studio rendition of “Time to Say Goodbye”. If you’d like to find out where SweetLife will be playing next, check out their schedule at and find them on facebook at And as always, thanks for listening!


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Theme Music: Invisible Walls by Revolution Void
Break Music: Original Piece by Keith Slesser