Our guys, Keith and David, sat down with Media Boom Town’s guys, Ed Fox and Dan Almoney to talk about their recently released documentary, Sweet Rock: The Red Weasel Story. The film is about a semi-local band, Red Weasel, from the Salisbury, MD area and the story of their coming back together for a reunion show, some twenty years after they disbanded in the early 90’s. Ed told us of how Red Weasel kept coming across his radar over and over again, but he never really connected with them until years later. The band asked him to film their reunion show and he accepted. After running a Kick Starter campaign with over 70 backers, they launched into the project. The film talks a lot about the early days of the band and features interviews with the guys now. Right before the break, we got to hear one of Red Weasel’s early hits, “Napoleon Spinks”.

Media Boom Town is a video production company that Ed and Dan decided to start together about 5 years ago as a side project. With increasing success, they decided to jump in with both feet and quit their day jobs to go full time. They create videos for weddings, corporate needs, commercials, and of course, documentaries. For more information on the services they provide, you can contact them via email at info@mediaboomtown.com.

To get your hands on a copy of the documentary, visit www.sweetrockdoc.com.  The film is also available on Amazon.com. For other various links pertaining to the band or Media Boom Town, click here.

Commenters: Which of your favorite hometown bands would you be interested in seeing a documentary about?

Support for this episode provided by Pennsylvania College of Art & Design.

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