This episode we sit down with Susan Pogorzelski (a.k.a. 20orsomething) and discuss the subject of doing good online. Susan’s blog for creative writers is Typescript.

We also announce an effort to buy a local fire station this equipment…

…by asking 130 of our listeners and friends to chip in $10 toward the $1,300 target. You can check out more details on Daniel’s blog or use this widget to contribute right here:

Susan has added the widget into the sidebar on her blog, and we encourage you to do so, too. Just click the “copy” tab in the widget above.

Things we talk about: Creative writing prompts, a special copy of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn signed by David, our high-tech recording setup, “trup stipe,” Susan’s writing excursion to the South of France, doing good online, Nean Burkholder and her mother and David’s younger years, letting “your clarity define you,” motivation to produce creative work, telling the Beards Over Babies story, acting with kindness and encouragement online, the fundraiser for Lancaster firefighters, Mike DeCarlo of MaxPower, the Spiderman legend, ChipIn, the Klotzes’ new guinea pig Randall, David’s church youth group, Beards Over Babies T-shirts, Steve O’Donnell, NPR.

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Intro: Dirty Projectors Outro: Camera Obscura

(special thanks to Ted Howell for his ever-excellent music recommendations)