On this episode, we take a look at superhero movie hype and and how it influences our opinions. We find ourselves in its grasp, whether it’s because we grew up with superheroes, make a living off their franchises, or fight as we might just can’t resist their pop culture appeal – the hype has us.

We set out to the midnight opening of The Avengers to speak with Mike and Alex Snyder, a father-son movie going duo. The two share about why midnight openings are the place to be.

Act 1: I Just Can’t Quit You
Chris Flinchbaugh looks into how we originally are attracted to superheroes as kids, while also exploring why we continue to be fascinated by them as we grow older.

Act 2: The Machinist
Working in the hype machine for a living gives Topless Robot writer Rob Bricken a unique perspective on the franchises he loves. Rob breaks out to share about how he sees superhero hype affect the fans.

Act 3: It’s My Party And I’ll Cry If I Want To
What about those who dislike the superhero genre all together – how do they interact with the hype machine? Jacob Gehman hates superhero movies, but even with all the distaste for them, he still gets sucked in. He shares an essay narrated by David Moulton on this.

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