Another Lancaster-based podcast, The Tourist Trap, is hosted by Justin Carroll and Stephen Sarro, and the two of them join us this week to talk about one of their most common topics: religion. Most episodes of The Lancast focus on our guests’ public and professional lives, but in this episode we take the opportunity to get personal, each of us talking about our religious experiences as young adults.

It turns out that all four of us intentionally left the church in our early 20s, and then several years later have recommitted to being a part of a Christian church congregation. What drove us each out, and what drew us back? What has changed in our beliefs, and what have we held on to? That’s what our conversation is about.

As Daniel says in the opening of this episode, we recognize that all four of us are Protestant Christians, and we’re eager to learn about the religious experiences of others in the Lancaster community. So please leave your feedback in the comments below, or contact us ( if you’re interested in being a guest on the show for a future episode.

Justin and Stephen are great guys, and since we found a lot in common our recorded conversation went longer than an hour. We’re committed to our goal of half-hour shows, though, so we did a lot of editing to so that this episode comes in at 35 minutes.

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