So this week, we sat down with Shawn V Martin, YouTube vlogger and fellow podcaster. In between Keith and David’s bickering about an earlier lack of communication, Shawn filled us in on the history of his video log and how it has evolved. Initially, he set out to make funny, informative videos for his parents on topics he thought they may find useful or interesting. Very quickly though, his friends took notice, and they agreed that he needed to make this a regular thing. It was entertaining and people kept watching, so as a result, “Five Things” was born.

Shawn films all of his vlogs from his Lancaster City apartment which he shares with his wife Alisha, two cats, and a handful of clones. The clones were invented to add humor and content to the vlog, and they’ve since become permanent fixtures on the show. Alisha likes to add her own creative input and is also regularly cast on the show.

In addition to Five Things, Shawn also produces a lot of content featuring a popular PC game called Minecraft. He hosts a server that hundreds of people can play the game from, and he has gained popularity with those who are dedicated fans of the game.

Carter Kalchik was  a follower of Shawn’s vlog and would regularly comment on posts with his own commentary or input. The two  started talking, and one thing lead to another. They now cohost a podcast via Skype called Shawn and Carter Have a Podcast, which is available through YouTube and iTunes. Because Shawn spends the better part of a full day producing his vlog each week, and because Carter has discovered his incredible love for podcasting, Carter generally decides on the main content for each show. They may discuss or debate current trends and events, and they typically also include a film review.

If you’d like to find out more about the Shawn V Martin experience, you can catch him on Facebook and Twitter. You can also visit his YouTube page here, where you will find links to his Five Things and Minecraft websites, as well as Shawn and Carter Have a Podcast.

As always, thanks for listening.

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