Shawn Smucker hadn’t intended to make writing a career, he was thrust into it due to some humbling circumstances. When the economy went south Shawn along with his family or six were hit with a difficult situation resulting in the need for them to move back to Lancaster and in with Shawn’s parents. Faced now with the option of rebuilding his career in a new area or taking a chance at something new the Smucker family decided they’d play their cards at following Shawn’s dream of being a writer. And it payed off! Shawn has written and co written several books as well as maintaining a successful blog. We’re honored to sit down with Shawn and learn more about his journey into writing and the book, Building A Life Out of Words, which chronicles the experience.

In the second half of the show we learn about a year long journey Shawn and his family took around the states while living in a bus. Most of the experiences form this trip were blogged about and Shawn was able to connect to his readers on a new level because of the trip. Some of the more perilous adventers of that trip our discussed on our show.

If you missed out on experiencing that journery with him make sure to head over to his blog at, because later this week Shawn will be traveling to Sri Lanka with a group of World Vision bloggers.

Commenters: What type of adventure would you want to blog through?

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