What do you get when you cross a Douglas Adams loving English teacher with a Star Trek geek? Answer: The Scifi Diner Podcast.

Scott Hertzog and Miles McLoughlin host The Scifi Diner Podcast, and we met up with Scott to hear a little bit about how it all got started. Scott began to have an interest in podcasting back in 2008 and he’s worked on a number of other projects in addtion to Diner. Originally called, “Dining at the End of the Universe”, the show offers commentary on all things sci-fi. They keep up on current popular shows and movies, but also like to throw the occasional “oldie-but-goodie” into the mix. Not only does Diner offer commentary from experts such as Scott and Miles, but it also features a number of interviews with popular TV/Movie stars such as Felicia Day, Edward James Olmos and Miracle Laurie. How does one land such opportunities? Just ask, says Scott. He approached a convention about marketing for them and was presented with the opportunity to conduct some actor interviews. Since then, they’ve just sort-of run with it. Now Diner is often asked to feature a particular actor or promote various new TV shows. Scott is even recording audio books.

In the second half of the show, we provide some of our own commentary on sci-fi shows that we like and some that we don’t. We discuss the Transformers threesome, Hitch Hiker’s books vs. movies, and our favorite of the Stargate television series’. We’ve told you our opinions, so now it’s time to give us yours…leave us your comments below.

If you want to hear more of Scott and Miles on the Sci-Fi Diner, check them out at: scifidinerpodcast.comYoutubeFacebook, & Twitter

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