Sarah Lou Richards

Hailing from Tennessee and having roots in Connecticut, Sarah Lou Richards is on an adventure chasing her music wherever it may take her. Join us as we stop Sarah Lou in the midst of her tour and right before a show to talk about how things have brought her to where she is today. We’ll learn about how the Pop/Country genre title may be putting people off to music coming from Nashville, TN, how education is key, but may not be what you wind up doing, and how karaoke might just change your life. It’s fairly safe to say that we all had a pretty fun conversation and we hope you enjoy getting to know Sarah Lou as much as we did.

An interesting tidbit is that when Sarah Lou Richards first contacted us she had never been to Lancaster and had just discovered our show through our friend and previous guest Joy Ike. After listening to some of her music, it quickly became evident that Sarah Lou would be a great fit for our musically infused area. With some help from another previous cast member Matt Wheeler, we were able work out a stop for her right here in Lancaster. So a big thanks to Joy and Matt for helping make this show happen. Remember if you have a guest idea, we invite you to send it our way.

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