Ryan Dagan came to talk business. Instead, we goofed around for half an hour. Don’t worry, though—we snuck in some questions about the hard-pressing issues of our time.

We talk with Ryan about bicycling across the country to raise money for ALS, and his vision of forming a nonprofit to help others use that sort of outdoor adventure to raise money for causes they care about, in Lancaster County and beyond.

We’re still finding our voice and style with this podcast. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Do you like the serious interviews or the goofy conversations? Some mix of the two? What kind of guests would you like to hear on future episodes?

Support for this episode of The Lancast has been provided by Karlo Photography, Meteor Tower Films, PhotOlé, Lancaster County Art Association, and the Rumschpringe Short Film Festival, taking place June 4th and 5th at the Theater of the Seventh Sister.

Theme music: Invisible Walls by Revolution Void
Break music: Dropping Out of School by Brad Sucks