When Tom Becker started the Row House, it may have been more out of necessity than creativity. He was in between jobs and trying to create something that would support his family while fully utilizing his strengths in communications and providing him with a creative outlet.  In the beginning, a lot of things were experimental, to see what sparked peoples’ interest and what got a good response. “The biggest thing we’ve accomplished in the last two years is to figure out what we are”, Tom says. In the end, he decided, it should be known as a forum: a place for people to come to exchange and discuss ideas. And most importantly, it should be engaging and fun.

So once a month, the Beckers host a forum in their home at 413 College Avenue, featuring a lecture on topics of faith and culture. Expressly Christian, The Row House seeks to “build bridges” to people. They welcome debaters and questioners, and intend for the discussion to be thought provoking. In addition to the forums, Tom also hosts about three live music shows a year at various local venues. He wants to support artists who are a bit off the beaten path and who really have something special to contribute to the mix.

If you’d like to catch up with Tom and learn more about what the Row House is doing in Lancaster, check out the website here. Check the site regularly for upcoming events and concerts and listen to podcasts of past forums. And of course, you can “like” them on Facebook!

The Row House

413 College Avenue

Lancaster, PA 17603


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