Joining us for some light hearted conversation is the great mustached Burrito Baron himself, Rob Burrito from Roburrito’s. During his visit in the studio Rob shares about the brain filled burrito that changed his mind on all things burrito related. Shall we call it a brain changer? (Huh, get it? Aw come on, that was gold!)  Anyway back to the Baron and his empire. Rob doesn’t just have love for burritos it’s a much deeper passion and he want’s that to show in his restaurants, from traveling around the country finding the best burrito combinations to personally designing the interiors of all the Roburrito’s. Later in the show we also discus some of Rob’s other passions such as his moped collection and being a part of the York Beard & Mustache Club. Obviously we had a lot to cover so grab yourself a burrito, pop in your ear buds, and enjoy the conversation.

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Theme Music: Invisible Walls by Revolution Void