This episode we break out of the geographical box going north and international to talk with Alex Yu of the increasingly popular YouTube commentary, Ragin Ronin Review. Alex lives in Vancouver and joined us via Skype to give us a picture of how he got started and what it’s like to be an internet celebrity.

Beginning with Iron Man 2, Alex decided to start giving commentary on movies, one of his passions. He started to gain popularity when he built up hype for the Transformers 3 trailer. He filmed his reaction when it finally was released, and that video has now had over twenty thousand views.

Although reviewing movies and shopping for memorabilia is what put Yu on the map, he has a professional life that’s pretty interesting as well. Alex became interested in video production at a young age when he saw some of his friends making homemade kung fu videos. He decided he wanted to do it for a living, and sold all of his toy collection to raise money for the equipment he would need. Advertising, weddings, events, and more, Alex enjoys producing for work and for play.

He’s learned a lot from his video posting experiences. Being yourself is important when putting yourself out there for the world to see. Get comfortable with the camera and be as natural as you can, Alex says. People seem to go for down-to-earth, honest commentary over big flashy effects. And, it would seem, that reality TV still sells. It connects with people.

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