Artists of all crafts can sometimes find themselves in a place where they’re looking to connect with other artists, share and sell their works, and learn how to make their craft into a stable business. This is where the PA Guild of Craftsmen comes in. The Guild of Craftsmen was formed in part by an idea from Elanor Roosevelt who was pushing the nation to start making it’s own goods while most of our industry was devoted to the World War 2 efforts. Today the Guild continues to foster that vision while actively highlighting the arts in it’s chapters areas as well as actively initiating new artists into a multitude of crafts. Joining us once again is Nick Mohler the Program Director for the PA Guild of Craftsmen. Nick shares about the deep history of the guild, how the guild interacts with it’s members as well as the public, and his personal journey in joining the guild. Learn more about the Guild of Craftsmen by following the links below and if you’re in the Lancaster, PA area stop by their main gallery on the 300 block of north Queen street.

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