Kate & Waylon Baer

It’s always interesting to talk with other folks from Lancaster County who are involved in forms of media that reach outside of our geographical boundaries. Sometimes we find there are a lot of things we can identify with. Blogger Kate Baer is one such person, who authors a “mommy blog” called Motley Mama. What began out of frustration with a less-than-exciting desk job grew into an opportunity to process her thoughts and experiences when she learned she was pregnant.  She started documenting her experiences and people seemed to like it.

Kate takes us “behind the scenes” of the blog and explains some of her decisions for interesting and relevant content,  interaction with her readers, and the challenges that come with putting your life out there for whoever wants to read.

Kate’s blog isn’t just for other moms. Her sentiments are honest and thought provoking.  We know your schedule is already pretty full because of all those Lancast episodes you need to catch up on, but in your spare time, give Kate’s blog a look-see…you just might learn a thing or two.

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