Mike Witmer, creator and artist behind the web comic Pinkerton, gives us an inside look into what inspires him. We talk about his artistic direction as well as what it’s like to keep up with writing comedy for a three time a week strip.

When asked to describe what Pinkerton is about Mike replies;

“I really don’t know. Sometimes it’s a statement of what’s going on in the world, whether it be pop culture, politics, or just plain old stupid people. Sometimes it’s a little preachy and long winded. Sometimes it even takes a tug at your heart strings. But most times, it’s about four furry animals sitting around a bar in the middle of the woods getting drunk.”

You can read Pinkerton at PinkertonPark.com as well as at through the services at Go Comics. The Pinkerton books are available for purchase through Th3rd World Studios.

Support for this episode provided by Lapp Structures and Pennsylvania College of Art and Design.

Theme music: Invisible Walls by Revolution Void
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