Matt and Natalie Thomas of (mattnnat), a husband and wife photography duo, have a knack for capturing people’s good side: in image form, that is. Matt and Nat started out four years ago almost by accident when a friend asked if they would take photos at a family member’s wedding. They reluctantly agreed and purchased a digital SLR camera to do the job. Now they make their living by documenting special occasions and making people look beautiful on the other end of the lens.

Matt and Nat met while volunteering in Australia. They fell in love, married and moved back to the states. They now make their home in downtown Lancaster, PA. Not only does this couple love what they do, but they love that they do it together. Their strengths and weaknesses seem to balance each other out, they say, and that has proven to be the right equation for success.

Something close to Matt and Nat’s hearts is telling peoples’ stories. Pursuant of their belief that everyone’s story is worth telling, Matt and Nat maintain a blog that does just that. Using both text and imagery, the team tries to capture the essence of the individuals and relate their life experiences in a truly meaningful way. This philosophy carries over into their professional work as well. They strive to really capture who their subjects are and bring out the little details of their personalities with a little bit of added flare. Matt and Nat put a lot of emphasis on getting to know their clients before a shoot and creating a comfortable, relaxed environment where the client can be themselves. For this couple, photography isn’t just a profession, it’s a way that they can connect with people on a deeper, more personal level. It’s about capturing love and life.

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