To say that Matt Rodriguez likes comic books is an understatement. He got his very first comic book from his uncle on his 7th birthday, and he never turned back. He joined Keith and David to talk about all things DC. He told us how, as a kid, he would head straight to the magazine racks at the grocery store to keep himself occupied while his mom shopped. He got to the point where he was consistently purchasing 7 books a month, and since then that number has grown to between 30 and 40. As a collector and an enthusiast, he says there’s not really any place that he’ll “draw the line.” He’s a self-diagnosed addict. So far, his collection takes up almost half of a spare bedroom and fills 32 long boxes. In addition to collecting, Matt and his partner Nate dress up as different super heroes every year for Halloween and they really go all out.

On a more serious note, the guys asked Matt to talk about some of the tough social issues that come up in the comics and whether they accurately present the weight of the issues or not. Being gay himself, Matt really identifies with some of the characters, such as Green Lantern in Earth Two and a gay couple, Apollo and Midnight who fight for social justice around the globe.

To help other addicts get a little love and support for their illness, Matt heads up quite a few forums online. If you’re interested in getting involved or would like to connect with Matt, you can find him on facebook.

And as always, thanks for listening!

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