We invited Lancaster Regional Medical Center CEO Bob Moore to talk with us about the hospital, its newest initiatives, and some of Bob’s personal history in the healthcare field.

A native of Quincy, MO, Bob began his journey towards a healthcare career as a dishwasher for a local hospital at the age of 16. He dreamed of becoming a doctor, but soon discovered that he much preferred the business aspect of the field instead. He made his way through college and filled many different roles before becoming the CEO of another Missouri hospital. All-together, Bob has been at the helm of 5 different hospitals over a 32 year span, and has recently made his home here in Lancaster to help steer LRMC on its path to greatness. We asked Bob how he feels about having so much competition throughout the county. “We’ve got 4 fine hospitals in this community, and each one of us has our own niche in what we provide… Competition is good because I think it raises the bar.” He told us about the Getting2Great initiative that HMA has launched to promote improved facilities and excellent care across their footprint nationwide.

Lancaster Regional has taken some big steps in the last few years to implement systems and technology that will further their ability to provide outstanding service and healthcare to their patients and emphasize the value they place on everyone who walks through their doors. Some of these initiatives include services like their Emergency Care which you’ve probably seen advertised on a local billboard around town. LRMC refers to its Emergency Room services as ER Extra which puts a high priority on keeping patient wait times to a minimum. Their current wait times are being posted on their digital billboard displays as well as several online applications available for download. Additional new technologies we discussed include the MAKO Orthopedic Robot and the DaVinci Surgical System, both of which are still cutting edge in this neck of the woods.

Along with new technology, LRMC has begun to put a higher emphasis on community involvement and company participation in programs such as United Way and Heart Walk, both of which Bob personally takes part in. He also serves on the board of an organization known as the Downtowners which promotes downtown living and involvement by and for local retirees.  The hospital has recently begun a program where they work with local employers to institute workplace wellness programs promoting good health, which in turn saves those companies on their healthcare costs and contributes to more positive work environments.  All of these things are ways Lancaster Regional is reinvesting in and reconnecting to the community that they exist to serve. Though at one time, LRMC may have been viewed as just a shell of its past, this Lancaster hospital is now taking a strong step towards the future; a better future for the company and its employees, and a better future for the community they serve.


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