This rarely happens, but our arrangements for a guest this week fell through at the last minute. So we try something a little different: an episode where it’s just David and Daniel, reviewing the big news stories right now in Lancaster, and also reacting to’s article,
7 Tips for Launching a Successful Podcast.”

Topics include:

  • 7 Deadly Tavern, previously known as Gusto’s
  • Summer paving projects in the city
  • Zap & Co. and Steve Murray
  • Marcellus Shale natural gas drilling
  • Barnstormer’s baseball

We did this episode sort of on the fly, and we’re interested in your feedback. Would you like a “Lancaster in review” episode like this every month or two? If so, what would you like to hear in those episodes?

Support for this episode provided by Lapp Structures and Pennsylvania College of Art & Design.

Theme music: Invisible Walls by Revolution Void
Break music: Good Day by Triplefox