Once again, the ladies of the Lancast have joined forces to bring you an intense, action-packed, hanging-on-the-edge-of-your-seat episode! Actually, we just sat around and talked about stuff. But, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t totally entertaining. For the first chunk of the show, we echoed the “Guys” by answering “Random Questions from the Audience”. Basically what that segment proved to us was that men are pretty well obsessed with who we think is the sexiest. (And they say women are the ones with the image problems?) We were a little taken off-guard. After obsessing over the good looks of our male  counterparts, we gathered our thoughts and moved on to our own topics of choice.

We discussed peoples’ poor understanding of traffic laws and which ones we ourselves disregard. Becky decided to show her allegiance to the country of Sweden by bringing them up in another topic of discussion: twitter accounts. Apparantly Sweden farms out their twitter account to random countrymen who feel they have something to say. It’s kind of like getting the keys to the city-except instead, it’s a international media platform from which you can say whatever random ignorant comment you feel. Should get interesting…

Jasmine and Becky entertained us with stories of the crazy things they do while sleeping. Now I feel like a very boring individual. I actually stay in my bed and sleep quietly during the night. I suspect with all the interesting abilities these two seem to have during sleep, they have the makings of some excellent super-heroe qualities: seeing things that no one else can see in the dark…being able to jump up at lightning speed while still asleep and run halfway across the house…I mean, I can’t even get myself out of bed in the morning, but these girls? They kick butt, REM and all.

We ended the show on a much more serious topic, but it’s something that’s near and dear to my heart. Friends of mine, Ken and Mirta Beachy, are participating in Tread on Trafficking, a fundraising event that runs through the end of June 2012. They are trying to raise $1500 for Love 146, a non-profit that primarily works to provide aftercare for children who have been rescued from prostitution and child trafficking. The Beachys have pledged to run 150 miles by the end of June and hope to raise financial support for this great organization, as well as awareness about the monumental problem of child trafficking, both in the U.S. and abroad. In the United States alone, over 100,000 children are forced into prostitution each year. That’s a statistic you don’t hear every day. If the problem is that great on our own soil, consider the depth of the issue in Asia, where it is considered common practice. This is your chance to make an impact. Please consider supporting Love 146 by donating today. Every little bit helps. If we band together, we can beat this thing.

We hope you enjoyed this episode of Ladies Night. Don’t forget to submit questions for the next discussion, and as always, thanks for listening!

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Theme music: Invisible Walls by Revolution Void