If it’s Thursday, it’s The Journey Continues, with David Moulton and Daniel Klotz. It’s a bonus supplement to the full 30-minute episode released on Monday. The Journey Continues eschews the guest and gives the two of us a chance to speak our minds on those hard-pressing issues.

Best exchange: David: “You’re just making connections left and right.” Daniel: “That’s what I live to do. I connect food to my stomach, connect my head to my pillow… and then in between, I connect one soul to another.”

Don’t Miss the Segments: Do What You Do, Aim ‘N Flame

Things we talk about: Jonas Hair, Progressive Galleries, The Wiebners, the Progressive Galleries electric blue vinyl couch, Ryan Smoker, The Infantree, quesadillas, “you know,” bromantic comedies, Ryan Mast, “trup stipe,” Paul Stoltzfus, Daniel’s new job, baseball season, the declining number of pitches thrown by the starting pitcher, zucchini, what it would have been like if David and Daniel had been with the Israelites while they wandered the desert for 40 years, Statler & Waldorf, making a portable balcony, Creatively Wired (just fancy-talk for “Miswired”), the two of us being the only listeners of Beards Over Babies.