Only Daniel’s toilet can save you from this mid-week banter. Follow the journey of two tired men while they dive deep into those hard-pressing issues of our time. And we dish up audience-favorite bits Aim ’N Flame and You Do What You Do.

Things we talk about: Daniel’s toilet (yet again), Paul Stoltzfus, WiseGrass, #lancups, over-planned versus “planned spontaneity,” incessant Facebook event invitations, Daniel looking like a Muppet, Chewbacca, the neighbor’s dog, Building Character, cover charges, the need for a longitudinal study of tweetups, the Wiebners, the Griest Building, the sometimes excessive price of buying local, Georgia, Great Stuff® expanding foam, Jeremy Walter’s wedding reception table linens, China, “Silicone” Valley, economies of scale, Transformers 2, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Christmas Songs, Christmas tweetup, the story behind the pictures displayed above

Things we don’t talk about: Our feelings

Things we sing about: The Journey Continues, Daniel’s toilet (yet again), Mother F—ers, Loving You