Artists Diane Edison and Jerry Pinkney joined us this week from Pennsylvania College of Art & Design here in Lancaster to talk about the school’s Mosaic Project and their part in it.

Edison is a 2010 Fulbright lecturer, and Pinkney is the 2010 winner of the Caldecott Medal. It was a great privilege for us to have the opportunity to speak casually with them about their art and their two-day visit to PCA&D. Edison, a portrait artist, and Pinkney, a painter/illustrator, are world-class artists with too many interesting thoughts to touch on in half an hour. Among the topics we discuss is their perspective as African Americans on the multicultural aspect of the Mosaic Project’s purpose.

A note on the audio quality: Daniel goofed up and put an “input” plug into an “output” socket, so even though all four of us were holding individual microphones, the sound for this episode was captured by a single wide-area microphone. The conversation is still perfectly clear, and we worked to make it sound as good as possible. The biggest downside is that you’ll hear the clicking of SLR cameras in the background (but the upside is that those cameras captured some great photos of Edison and Pinkney). Thank you for your understanding and patience as we try to bring you the best-sounding episodes every week in our “spare” time.

A special thanks to Mary Stadden, Director of Public Relations at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, for inviting us back to record this episode. (We were previously at PCA&D to record at the start of their anual AIGA chapter Designathon in February.)

Support for this episode provided by Lancaster photographer Russell Frost

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