Ken Mueller has worked in various branches of communications for the last 30 years including radio, public speaking, marketing and social media.  He started Inkling Media in 2007 and eventually went full time, assisting local businesses with their social media marketing needs. Ken explains that social media marketing is important because it is so different from other types of media.

Radio, print, and television communications exist for the purpose of entertainment and information. Social media exists primarily for relationships, which are ongoing. Because of the relational community aspects of things, like Facebook and Twitter, social media has in many way a much higher impact. Just like social media has completely changed the way we communicate, there also needs to be a totally different approach to marketing these new platforms. That’s where Ken comes in. He services clients by educating them about social media, teaching them how to use it, getting them set up, and helping them build new marketing strategies.

In addition to Inkling Media, Ken  also teaches at local colleges on various media/marketing related topics. If you would like to find out more about Ken and what he does, visit or email him at You can also check him out on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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