Justin Rule, founder and executive director of Heads Up Lancaster, joins us to talk about how the nonprofit organization connects school-age youth in Lancaster County with professional artists in the area to experience urban arts hands-on.

From left: Justin Rule, Karlo Gesner, Michael Malone

Justin also invited Karlo Gesner to join him, since Karlo is an artist mentor (in photography) with Heads Up LancasterKarlo conversed with us about photography in his own episode in March 2010

Karlo, in turn, invited stand-up comedian Michael Malone to come on the show as well. Mike isn’t connected to Heads Up, but he was in Lancaster for the first time this week for a show at Stitches Comedy Club, where he met Karlo.

Connect with Heads Up:

In this episode we also talk about another Heads Up mentor artist who previously appeared on The Lancast: Vinny Smaldone, a.k.a. DJ Image.

Justin tells us about how Heads Up is spreading to York, Washington D.C., and Detroit. He also shares the announcement that Heads Up Lancaster will be opening a physical location, an urban arts center, this year.

Support for this episode provided by Pennsylvania College of Art and Design.

Theme music: Invisible Walls by Revolution Void
Break music: Light Inside by Oleg Serkov

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