On this episode of the Lancast, hosts Jason, Keith and David were joined by the elusive Shawn V. Martin of the Five Things video blog. We were finally able to convince him that it would be worth his while to come and join the team by promising him free nachos and margaritas after the show.

Jason opened up the evening with a discussion on what people mean when they refer to “All-American” food. After that, we launched into our regular Guys Night feature, Random Questions From The Audience. It seems that David has a knack for soliciting interesting questions for discussion, as opposed to those submitted for Ladies Night, which mostly consisted of “Who’s Sexier?” This time there was a range of topics, although there was definitely a lean towards the inner-nerd leading to an all out battle of nerd cred.

Overall, we had quite a variety of topics, with some entertaining banter in between. David wrapped up the night with a discussion about Kickstarter, specifically the Penny Arcade Kickstarter. This is a peculiar Kickstarter project because Penny Arcade is attempting to completely fund their company through the project. Also during this part of the discussion David mentioned our own Kickstarter initiative that will be getting underway in the very near future. Stay tuned-in and we’ll provide you with details about that very soon. As always, thanks for listening, and don’t forget to support your favorite podcast by clicking on our donate button.

Commenters: What questions would you like us to answer next time?

Support for this episode provided by Pennsylvania College of Art & Design. 

Theme music: Invisible Walls by Revolution Void