This edition of Guys Night will not fail to entertain you. We are joined once again by David, Keith and Jason to discuss various subjects of interest or nonsense, with a new addition to the show: Random Questions from the Audience. The guys asked listeners to submit questions or topics for discussion and they got quite the variety, like, whether or not you would pull food from the trash, or whether you prefer boxers or briefs (or skirts). Included in that lively debate are favorite local fare, as well as Lancaster’s best-kept secrets, according to David, Keith and Jason. Here are the links for some of the things mentioned in that part of the segment:

For Food and Beverage

Individual mentions

Artist Jeremy Bently

David brings us a story about the “flying car”, and then moves into theater with a plug for a new video blog called The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, a modern-day interpretation of Pride and Prejudice. Also mentioned, Romeo and Juliet,  as told by 16 different writers accidentally-on-purpose. And to wrap things up, you really should watch Batman the Musical. It really is quite funny. So, this week, the Lancast is your one-stop-shop to find that new thing you never knew you loved so much. Check out some of the stuff we talked about and let us know what you think. Special thanks, once again, to Jason Mundok of Wood Stove House, for joining in the jovial and lighthearted banter.


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