John Billingsley & Bonita Friedericy

Welcome to the first installment of a three part series collaboration with The Scifi Diner Podcast. Earlier this year David was asked to assist Scott Hertzog and Miles McLaughlin, of The Scifi Diner podcast, cover the Farpoint Covention in Baltimore, MD.  While there David had the honor of sitting in for Scott Hertzog for some of the interviews of the convention’s principle guests.

In this part of our converge Miles McLaughlin and David sit down for a jovial conversation with actors John Billingsley & Bonita Friedericy. Some of you may know Mr. Billingsly from Star Trek: Enterprise and Ms. Friedericy from Chuck. One of the great things taken from the conversation with the husband and wife team is the different view points on each others roles. It’s also really interesting to hear about how they would brainstorm at home about the characters they were playing.  While conducting the interview we had a few mix ups that proved to be rather humorous, so we’ve decided to leave them in. Enjoy the conversation!

Stay tuned for Part 2 featuring Lee Arenberg and Part 3 featuring Rob Paulson, both coming later this week!

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Theme Music: Invisible Walls by Revolution Void