This week David & Daniel sit down with Doug Vogel (a.ka. Dug E Fresh) to talk about his side business of selling T-shirts on CafePress, under the name Get Fresh Designs. We ask him if irreverence is important to society, and why he lets random phrases pop into his head instead of focusing on the hard-pressing issues of our time.

There’s no way Doug could ever live up to his father’s beard.

The photo from MySpace (text added by Doug) that inspired one of Doug’s T-shirts.

Be sure to grab a Beards Over Babies T-shirt designed by Doug!

Things We Talk About: CafePress, Rachel Weisz, Brit Hume, Bill O’Reilly, Sarah Palin, the Beards Over Babies logo, irreverence, lobster, the “Got Milk?” advertising campaign, body hair, mini ponies, Ken Mueller

Intro/Outro: Dan Deacon

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