Wilfried Steinbach

Many of us think about the adventure of traveling around the world yet only a few of us will actually embark on this adventure, and even fewer will make the journey under their own manpower. That’s exactly what Wilfried Steinbach is doing, traveling around the world by bike. As you can imagine this isn’t just something you pick up and do. Wilfried explains how plans for the journey started with a seed for the idea planted in his head while he was a teenager. Later in life that seed bloomed into a fully obtainable goal. But if traveling around the world under your own power isn’t enough Wilfried wanted to make his trip as emissionless as possible, relying on what he can bike with and even using an old bike instead of buying a new one.  The adventure began by heading east from Stockholm Sweden in June 2012 and Wilfried’s emissionless journey is nearing it’s home stretch. Listen in as we caught up with him while he was passing through our area mid April 2013.

Follow Wilfried’s entire emissionless journey on his blog: Travelling Without Emissions

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Theme Music: Invisible Walls by Revolution Void