This week on the Lancast, David talks with Dan Robrish, reporter, writer, editor, business and advertising manager, circulation coordinator, and delivery guy of the Elizabethtown Advocate, a weekly newspaper in Elizabethtown, PA. For those of you who aren’t from around these parts, Elizabethtown, or “E-town” as the locals call it, is a town of about 12,000, just northwest of Lancaster. So the story goes that Dan Robrish gave up his perfectly good day-job and risked everything to start a newspaper for E-town after the corporately sponsored newspaper came to an end in 2009. Not something you hear about everyday. The paper covers the general happenings around town, things specific to the area, and sometimes, the not-so-mundane, more controversial issues at hand. Listen to how Dan started the paper, and how he manages to keep it going all on his own. (And we thought we were dedicated journalists…)

The Elizabethtown Advocate is online! Check it out here, and “like” them on facebook.

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