Derek LaVon Dienner & Martine Cajas

Everyone wants to have the wedding they’ve always dreamed of, but sometimes the path to your dream wedding isn’t always clear. There are countless magazines, TV shows, and ads showing extravagant weddings with no guidance of how to make these situations attainable for the average person. This is where Dream Weddings comes in. Unlike most wedding reality shows where they swoop in and transform the wedding into a highly produced and generally unattainable event, Dream Weddings sets out to teach their bride and grooms as well as their audience how to make the most out of the budget you have. This along with highlighting central Pennsylvania as a wedding destination are the main points Executive Producer and Host Martine Cajas and Producer Derek LaVon Dienner want to get across.

During the episode the duo run us through the journey of creating a reality TV show and what they’ve learned about what it takes to make a show in this genera. We also take a glance into their other professional endeavors, House of Clarendon for Martine and LaVon Films for Derek. We hope you enjoy this show and we want to hear what you’d like to have in your dream weddings. Let us know in the comments below!

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