Hosting a house concert with Dietrich Strause and Austin Nevins feels a lot like visiting with old friends and having an impromptu jam session in the middle of it. It’s the kind of gathering that makes you want the night to stay young and the music to keep coming. After an opening set by mutual friend and local musician Matt Wheeler, Austin and Dietrich took to the stage with their folksy, melancholy songs. Keith and David sat down with the guys before their set in our garage-turned-concert venue to discuss their music and upcoming gigs.

A Lancaster native, Dietrich grew up in a very musical family, with everyone playing an instrument and his mom listening to Bruce Springsteen. He first decided to pick up the trumpet and got his start playing in an R&B band at local bars. After that, he decided to learn to play the guitar. He credits the school he attended with fostering the love of music in him and providing avenues for private instrument instruction. After having difficulty finding work in PA, Dietrich decided to try his luck in Boston, MA where he began to write and perform music of his own.

Austin grew up in California and moved to Boston to attend Berkley School of Music. He says his interest in his peer-to-peer relationships is what got him initially interested in music, and his older brother also had a hand in influencing his musical path. He doesn’t write any music of his own, but Austin is a skilled back up guitarist and he’s played on numerous projects for other musicians, including Dietrich, and Josh Ritter.

They might come from opposite ends of the country, but you’d never know it. These guys play music together as if they always have. They met through a mutual friend in Boston and hit it off almost immediately, planning and playing gigs right from the start. The traveling show has made it’s way down the coast and Dietrich and Austin plan to do a month long tour in the fall. We play two songs during the show the first is Annie Dear from one of Dietrich’s albums and the second is Lemonade Springs which was recorded live at their show here in Lancaster. Get more information on their music, as well as upcoming tour dates at: 

Songs titles are “Annie Dear” and “Lemonade Springs”. Both songs are copyrighted material by Dietrich Strause, 2010.

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Theme music: Invisible Walls by Revolution Void
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