Some people catch up on housework over the weekend, other people write books. That’s what our guest, Tommy Van Orden, did. He’d been turning over a concept in his head for some time, but when he finally sat down to write it, he cranked it out all in one weekend. Tom stopped by the Lancast to tell us about his creative process and why it seemed to come so easily for him.

The book is “Dear Clara”, and is written completely as a letter. It encompasses the thoughts of a young man after the loss of the love of his life. He writes the letter to her telling her of his sadness and how he has moved on past her death.  David, for one, thinks this is a book worth reading. Check it out for yourself! You can purchase “Dear Clara” here, or on Tom’s website listed below. Tom is working on his next creative work, so keep your eyes peeled for it. We heard he plans to have that one wrapped up in an hour.
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