This episode was my first to cohost with David, and my childhood schoolmate Darryl Armstrong joined us for the conversation. Darryl is a native of Lancaster, but has made his home in hot, sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. He talks about why he left Lancaster, and why he won’t be coming back anytime soon. We discuss how video chat technology and marketing distribution has brought the things he loves about Lancaster, like family and Turkey Hill Iced Tea, to his new digs.

One of the things Darryl is passionate about is the discussion of arts and faith in modern society. He is a part of an online forum called Image Journal that is based out of Las Vegas, which ventures to explore the necessary relationship between the arts and religion in today’s culture. Enjoy the conversation!



Support for this episode provided by Pennsylvania College of Art & Design. 

Theme Music: Invisible Walls by Revolution Void
Break Music: Original Piece by Keith Slesser