To some when they hear about international refugees they think of groups of people moving from one country to another far from us in areas like Africa and Southern Asia, but what might surprise you is that the U.S. houses more than 1.8 million refuges in communities just like Lancaster. This is where Church World Service enters the picture, helping refugees make it to the states and integrate smoothly into the community. On this episode we’re going to hear from CWS Lancaster’s director Shella Mastropietro who will share about the organization and how our community is embracing the refugee populace. Accompanying Shella is Samuel Muya, a Somalian refugee who just relocated to the U.S. four months ago. Samuel was kind enough to share his journey with us and talk about adjusting to some new things here, like snow.

If you were impacted by the story shared on this episode then we’d like to encourage you to learn more about CWS and how you can help make a difference in the life of a refugee.
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