Spenser Brossman of Complete in Box took time away from his newly opened game store to talk gaming, collecting, and business with us. Though Complete in Box has only been open for a few weeks, Spenser is already seeing repeat customers and he’s attracting new business all the time.

Spenser started in the gaming business while in college, working for his local Game Stop. After a few more jobs and a college education, he decided to take a risk and go out on his own. He’s had no shortage of support from his friends and family either. Even now, weeks after he’s opened, friends stop by and offer to help clean up used merchandise or sort through his latest flea market finds. Though Complete In Box specializes in retro systems and games, they also carry the latest and greatest products available. You can preorder most anything, and Spenser plans to hold midnight releases for some of the more popular products scheduled to hit the market.

Complete in Box is not just another game store though. Located in Ephrata, CiB has a welcoming, laid-back atmosphere that says, “Come in and stay a while”.  The store features a museum section that displays some of the rare memorabilia Brossman has collected over time and a lounge area for testing out prospective purchases.

Later in the show, Keith, David and Spenser take a look back at the video games that have made an impression on them. Everyone has their own nostalgic memories of gaming while growing up and we share our personal perspectives here.

For more information about Spenser and Complete In Box, visit the website at www.completeinbox.com.

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