Chetroy Productions

Chet Roy doesn’t see having ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) as a bad thing, really. In his case, it helps him stay versatile. He and Garrity Powers operate Chetroy Productions, a photography and video production company that tries very hard not to be put in a box. Both Chet and Garrity have a wide array of interests, but specifically love things that keep them active in both body and mind. They met as caddies on the golf course, and they both share a passion for rock climbing as well. What started out as a way to “show off” the sport of rock climbing by filming videos of the action, eventually grew into a lot more than just a hobby. It’s now a successful business that allows them to explore their creativity from all sides. They do commercials and business promotional material, and then they do random art projects that they can really pour their heart and soul into. One of the production house’s ongoing projects is Project 365, where they take a photo, edit, and release a photo for every day of the year. To see more of what these two creative are up to, check out the links below.

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