Have any of you listeners ever dropped the name of someone famous to claim their ties to to your home town? Well, we at the Lancast are name-dropping that of Lancaster native Bryan P. Jones, a friend of David’s who just so happens to have worked on the set of the recent blockbuster hit, The Avengers! Holla! And, Bryan Skyped in with David this week to give us a peek into the world of movie production, where 12-hour work days for months at a time are the norm. Not only that, but Bryan is working hard with a team of people to produce their own indie film called Bicycle Day and they hope to release it sometime in April 2013.

Bicycle Day needs your support to become a reality. If what you heard about the project intrigued you and would like to contribute, please check out their Kickstarter Page.

For more information on Bryan’s work, upcoming film, or to contact him, check out one of the following links:

Albuquerque, NM Film Directory


Support for this episode provided by Pennsylvania College of Art & Design. 

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