Humor blogger Bryan Allain visits the studio this week. Bryan shares with us how he was turned onto writing and what drew him into the world of blogging. Now updating his blog five times a week, Byan explans just how he does it. We also learn about how important tact is when being a humorist, especially when poking fun at ones family or a conservative community. During the second half of the show Byan fills us in on some of his new projects such as speaking engagements, video production, and his new podcast The Fresh Pod.

I want to give a special thanks to Jason Mondok for sitting in for Daniel while he is on vacation. Jason is an arts enthusiast who runs the podcast Around The Wood Stove. Make sure to check out his show. Some of you might remember when he was on our show earlier this year, but you may not know we were on his show as well, so while you’re over there listen to our episode.


Bryan’s Blog

Bryan’s Mafia Church video

Around The Wood Stove

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