Brenda Boitson of Lancaster city joins us on The Lancast this week. She talks about her life in the aftermath of losing her husband to sarcoma cancer last year. She was 24 at the time.

She tells us, “Within three weeks of him having a sore throat he was on life support in Lancaster General.” Brenda started a blog to keep their extended family and friends updated during Kevin’s months of treatment at Lancaster General and at Johns Hopkins. She has continued the blog ever since.

Brenda Boitson brough really good pizza

Brenda Boitson brought really good pizza

Even amidst the gravity of the topic, Brenda is a fantastic guest. She even brought us pizza, which Daniel proudly displays here.

Things we talk about: Lancaster Tweetups, The Last Five Years, angiosarcoma, how to talk to someone who has experienced a great loss, comparing loss of a loved one through divorce to loss through death, blog lurkers, blogging personal things for a public audience

Follow Brenda on Twitter: @crazywidow
and visit her blog:

Intro/Outro: “Cellule” by Silence, under a Creative Commons license

Break: Hiram Ring’s cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Devils and Dust”, used by permission