It all started in the eighth grade, when Chris Newcomer was first introduced to the idea of screen printing. Chris is the owner/operator of BigPlanetApparel, a screen print shop based here in Lancaster, PA. After the initial spark of interest struck in junior high, he took a few classes in high school and learned the basics. After that he became something of a Renaissance man, dabbling in various professions ranging from construction to cooking, and everything in between. Fifteen years and seven jobs later, Chris finally decided to take the plunge and go into business for himself. It took some time to accumulate all the gear he would need, but he now runs a successful screen printing business in addition to his other full time job.

On what it’s like to work for yourself, Chris says, “When you run your own business, you get to do [everything].” You see the process from start to finish instead of just contributing one small piece to the puzzle. That’s a positive way of saying you have to do all the work. Chris doesn’t seem to mind though. He’s put in a lot of time working for “the man”. Now he’s finally doing something he loves and he’s doing it for himself.

To find out more about BigPlanetApparel, contact Chris at 717-283-6827.

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