Waking up paralyzed from surgery wasn’t the first time Angie Piazza had faced physical hardship, but she certainly hadn’t anticipated this outcome or the impact it would have on her everyday life. What she thought would be a four week recovery has become a two and a half year process of relearning to do the most basic things, like sitting up or using a pencil. With the help and support of some very special people in her life, she has been able to heal and was motivated to write a book about her experience.

Angelina was diagnosed with Morquio syndrome as a child, a disease that effects the growth and development of the bones and spine. It affected her walking and she eventually needed a wheelchair to help her get around. She talked with us about what it’s like living with a disability and how she relates to others around her. Children tend to be more forward and come right out and ask about her wheelchair. Adults are generally much more timid, not wanting to draw attention to a possibly uncomfortable subject. Angie has learned how to “steer” people though. She doesn’t let her disability define her and she has a gift for making people feel at ease when she’s around. You don’t have to be with her long before you don’t even notice anything different. Angelina Piazza is a pretty amazing woman when it comes right down to it, and she is most definitely buoyant.

You can read her memoirs in her self-published book “Buoyancy” which will release on December 31, 2011 and be available for purchase on Amazon. If you would like to contact Angelina, you can find her on Facebook or email her at angelinapiazza@gmail.com.

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